My book is a sex memoir.  All the names and details of the women and men were changed to protect their anonymity.  I published the book while I had a job consulting for school districts.

A woman needs 20-30 minutes of foreplay to be fully aroused and engorged.  I get wet from a kiss and can have penetration immediately, and I never use lube.  But men - if you can open a woman fully to that level of engorgement, you will have the kind of sex that others only dream about.  Read David Deida's books to learn more.

I am sexually active and STD free. My Kaiser lab tests results from November 2016 are posted here.  I use condoms for intercourse, and I have sex sober.

Few people believe I am 55 years.  My pictures are all from the last year, and most within the last few weeks. Thanks for checking out my website.  January 10, 2017.

The F-ck List
By Schahrzad Morgan