I made a bold decision in the summer of 2015, while I was still consulting for school districts on facilities, to put my pussy pictures online, to 1) overcome thinking my pussy was ugly, and 2) challenge the silly notion that a respectable woman can show any body part but her pussy.  

Who decided a pussy is some shameful thing to be hidden away, so shameful in fact that we women need to keep our legs crossed even when wearing pants?  I now love how it looks and that's why I leave it up, because 3) it's beautiful.

Almost all these photos are selfies and I never edit my selfies.  I am 56 years old, 5'3", 125 lbs.  I vaginally birthed and nursed 3 children, and have never had any work done on my body or face, which to some of you is probably obvious.  All these photos were taken between May 2015 - July 2018, and most are current and dated.  Thank you for enjoying my nudes gallery.   I've had these up for free for 3 years, and today, July 17 2018,  I choose to receive gifts from anyone who appreciates my gallery and wants to give me my favorite thing:  money!  Here is my paypal link  for my coaching business.