Bodies are Natural

I made a bold decision in the summer of 2015, while I was still consulting for school districts on facilities, to put my pussy pictures online, to 1) overcome thinking my pussy was ugly, and 2) challenge the silly notion that a respectable woman can show any body part but her pussy.  

Who decided a pussy is some shameful thing to be hidden away, so shameful in fact that we women need to keep our legs crossed even when wearing pants?  

Almost all these photos are selfies, unedited, taken between May 2015 - March 2019, and most are current and dated.  The text on the photos does take away from their beauty while also reducing unauthorized use of my photos.  If you like my photos and wish to send a donation, here here is my paypal link. Thank you for enjoying my photography.

Update March 3 2019: After 35 years of shaving my labia, I’ve grown my pubic hair back! Enjoy my new photos, again with text to protect copyrights/privacy. If you want to see it all, book an appointment!