You may be concerned about unpleasant surprises. I’ve heard from my clients some horror stories of women who stole your money, tried to rush you through a session, lived in sketchy areas of town, looked different from the photos, were asleep when you arrived, failed to show up, etc. Or you may worry that law enforcement will greet you. All these are legitimate concerns!

For these reasons, men with good careers and families often are reluctant to book an escort session.

Here’s how you can protect yourself:

  • Is your provider verified? Reputable ad sites such as Eros verify providers.

  • Does your provider have a website? Professional women have websites.

  • Does your provider have good reviews? Invest a few dollars in EroticMonkey to read the reviews.

  • How long has she been in business? If it’s been a while, she’s probably not law enforcement.

  • How does she sound on the phone? Is she attentive, kind, sweet? Promptly returns correspondence?

  • Is her incall location in the kind of neighborhood where you feel safe at night and parking your car? Is it discreet and private? Does she allow at least 30 minutes between clients? Is her place clean and tidy? Does she live alone? Does she have good credit to afford her own place? A professional woman can answer yes to all of this.

  • Does she have standards, or is she desperate for money and will see anyone?

  • And most of all, are you attracted to her?

Now go have some fun!

AuthorSchahrzad Morgan